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The Smiling Policeman has been travelling the world promoting the Police/Law Enforcement Professionals Fellowship of Rotarians for many years.

Geoffrey Little attempts to attend the Annual World Rotary Conventions and other Rotary Conferences and Seminars (e.g.Windsor, Ontario Rotary Peace Summit - www.rotarypeacesummit.com) whenever time permits, and to fly the flag of PoLEPFoR when and wherever the opportunity presents, by involving various Police and Law Enforcement Organisations of the host cities and towns of Rotary's annual World Rotary Conventions, in the work of Polepfor's Information Booths and in personal interaction with Police and Law Enforcement Personnel on the ground through the Promotion and Marketing of Community Based Policing Programmes and the Rotary District Peace Communities Programme (RDPCP), the concept of `Understanding and Peace' being a plank of Rotary Service.

The concept of the RDPCP is encapsulated in the word P.E.A.C.E - Police and Community Working Together, Educating Youth and Community in the ways of peaceful co-existence and Conflict Resolution, Civic Community involvement through the interaction of Rotarians and Local, Village, Town, City, State, Provincial, National, and International Governental bodies (including the United Nations Organisation (UNO) and Model United Nations Assemblies (MUNA), Environmental considerations in the manitenance of our heritage and the protection of our local flora and fauna.

The next few pages show just a glimpse of where Geoffrey has been, and with whom he has spoken about his proud Vocation of Police and Law Enforcement, the concept of Community Based Policing (`the people are the police and the police are the people'), Rotary Service in all it facets, and the Ideals of our Fellowship.

Geoffrey claims no special place in the sun other to have exhibited a preparedness over the years to `have a go', in the utilisation of gifts and/or talents with which we are ALL blessed, as we who are imbued with Rotary Ideals, seek to make this world a better place.

We hope we may inspire you to get involved and invite you ALL to come on board and tell us about your own Rotary Progammes and Activities.