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PLEASE NOTE: To be a Member of Polepfor, an Email Address is essential.

LATE BREAKING NEWS!! The Polepfor Team have recently discovered the value of being associated with Rotary International's new Facebook website, Linkedin and Twitter.    Whatever we may think about these more 'personal' sites, you will find (as your Chairman has found) that the networking opportunities just amongst Police and Law Enforcement is phenomenal, not to mention a whole new constituency who are either Probus Members, Rotarians, Rotaractors and/or 'friends' of Rotary which includes the 'sons and daughters' of Rotarians who only now, are finding out about the value of Rotary.

What started off ten years ago with one guy out there endeavouring to keep in touch with his classmates has now become a new International Forum for us all. Check out the Polepfor Group on Linkedin and start to explore a whole new world out there.

The Chairman